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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What is Big Town Tickets?

    "Big Town Tickets is a locally owned small business that specializes in getting our clients into the best seats at the best price possible. We like to say Big Town Tickets is where Big City Experience meets Hometown Service. If you are looking for sporting event, concert or theater tickets for any event in St Louis and beyond, we’re committed to helping you find tickets quickly and safely, so you can focus on what matters: enjoying your event. Not only are we committed to your enjoyment of the event you purchase, but we are committed to your safety, we keep all of your personal information secure and back every order with our 100% buyer guarantee."

  • What is the 100% Buyer Guarantee?

    You will receive full service customer care. Every transaction will be safe and secure. Tickets will be valid, secure, and delivered before the start of the event. We promise to have your order accurate or better than your original purchase upon delivery. If there are any cancellations you can expect to receive a full refund for the amount of the tickets you purchased.

  • Am I purchasing tickets directly from the venue, team, or performer?

    Big Town tickets is not directly affiliated with any venue, team, or performer, and we do not generate tickets.

  • How safe is my private data with Big Town Tickets?

    Your personal security is a top priority for us here at Big Town Tickets. We pride ourselves in giving our customers to best online ticket purchasing experience. Therefore. we use a data entry semester that is fraud protected, safe and secure for all customers who choose to purchase tickets from us. We pride ourselves in customer sastifaction that compares to none and your personal security is a major part of that.

  • Is Big Town Tickets legitimate and reliable?

    As one of the leaders in the secondary marketplace, we take pride in providing you with the industry's best prices, premium tickets to all events, with dedicated customer support. We have processed and fulfilled sales for hundreds of thousands of tickets for fans like you. These standards allow us to guarantee the validity and authenticity of any tickets you purchase from Big Town Tickets.

  • I've never purchased tickets from Big Town Tickets before. What is the process?

    We here at Big Town Tickets want to make your purchases process simple and our customer service team works hard to ensure every part of your experience is smooth. You can choose to purchase tickets online, with our step by step process, or call our sales line at 1-800-691-8696 to order by phone. When your tickets are ready, we will send you your tickets or a follow up email letting you know details with how you will be receiving your tickets. Note that available delivery options are chosen based on the estimated date of delivery date of the tickets purchased. While most tickets are available immediately for delivery, others may have an "in hand" date at the time you place your order, especially if that order is placed well in advanced of the event date. This occurs when the requested tickets have not yet been issued. Examples of tickets that could cause this are, season tickets, or fan club tickets, which are guaranteed to to sent, but closer to event date. Rest assured, you will receive your tickets by the event date!

  • How do I contact someone about a question or problem with my order?

    If you have any problems with an order please contact us directly via email at or by phone at 1-800-691-8696!

  • What are your office hours?

    Big Town Tickets is open from 9 - 5 pm Monday- Friday and periodically on the weekends. Our phones are always open, so for any questions please call one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-691-8696.

Ticket Information

  • How are ticket prices determined?

    Big Town Tickets projects ticket prices that are current with the market. We not only have our own personal inventory to sell, but other sellers inventory is projected on our site. Sellers then price their tickets on to match the current market prices. These prices are determined by a range of factors, such as supply and demand or seat locations. For these reasons the ticketing price is subject to change at anytime, and may be higher or lower than the price printed on the ticket, which is known as "face value".

  • Are there additional fees? How are fees determined?

    In addition to the listed price per ticket, there are service charges and delivery charges. The service charge helps us maintain an efficient operation, so to ensure that your experience with us is a first class experience. Specifically, the service and delivery charges cover maintaining the site, security and privacy measures, ordering and shipping thousands of ticket orders, and supporting our in house customer service. Our desire is for you to have the greatest ticketing experience and one that is uncomparable to any other. We strive to give you the lowest out the door prices in the industry!

  • Why is the price on my tickets different from the price I paid?

    We are a secondary market place. Therefore, all tickets that are listed on our site have been purchased and are being resold for a lower or higher value than orignally purchased by the seller of the seats. Inventory is priced to "market value", which means that the ticket is priced based on factors such as supply and demand, rather than the face value or the price initially assigned to from the venue or team. Due to the nature of the market value, tickets may fluctuate at anytime. Therefore, your ticket price may be higher or lower than the price on your ticket at anytime.

  • The name on my ticket is not mine. Will I have issues at my event?

    When you receive your tickets and they do not have your name on them, that's ok. You will not expeirence any difficulties gaining access into the event you purchased because the ticket does not have your name on it. The reason being that once the original buyer has posession of the ticket, they able to resell the ticket on any secondary market place. All tickets are then transferrable, with only a valid barcode needed to enter an event.

  • The tickets I received are different from what I ordered. What Happened?

    In accordance with our 100% buyer gaurentee, the tickets you receive are identical to, comparable to, or better than the tickets originally purchased. The criteria that allows a comparable or upgraded dilvery of your tickets is at the discretion of Big Town Tickets. If you receive tickets that are unsatisfactory, we will gladly have our customer service team investigate. if determined that the seats you received are not comparable or better, we will work with you to ensure that your seats are satisfactory or issue a refund for your order.

  • Can I ask to receive my tickets earlier than the estimated delivery date?

    In most cases your tickets will be shipped or emailed to you before or on the estimated ship date that was listed at the time of purchase. Tickets are shipped or emailed as soon as they become available. Often the ticket ship date is put in place to ensure that you receive the tickets prior to the event. The ability to ship seats early at times is unforunately out of our control.

  • Why can't I purchase a certain quantity of tickets?

    When listings are created for tickets, the quantities may or may not be set depending on the amount of tickets in the group. The industry standard is to sell even sets of tickets in even batches (2, 4, 6 or 8 from a set of 8 tickets) and odd sets in odd batches (1, 3, 5, 7 out of a set of 7 seats). Many sellers do this to aviod being left with a single seat listing which are often hard to sell, or due to certain delivery methods (certain tickets can only be delivered in specific limited quantities). If you have any questions about a desired ticket quantity please call our customer service representatives for assitance at 314-329-7328.

  • Can you sell my tickets for me?

    Yes Big Town Tickets may be able to help you to sell your tickets. We may also be interested in purchasing them from your outright. Give us a call or email us at and we can see if we can make something work.

  • Do prices go down or up as the event gets closer?

    We recommend buying your tickets as early as possible.The secondary market place is constantly changing due to supply and demand, along with other factors That means that as the date of the event approaches, ticket prices are likely to increase as they are to decrease. It also means that we cannot gaurentee that the seats you are wanting to purchase will be available closer to the event date.

Delivery Methods

  • My tickets are being shipped. When should I expect my tickets?

    Upon ticket purchase you will receive an email identifying the estimated ship date. Note that the estimated date is based on when your tickets become available, not when you place your order. It is common for tickets to ship prior to this date, however, some events will announce a delay on delivery after tickets have been sold. In this instance your tickets may ship later that the expected date and you will be notified of this change.

  • Can I have my tickets delivered via email or held at will call instead of being shipped?

    Tickets will be delivered according to the available shipping method(s) presented during the checkout process. All estimated delivery options are choosen based on how the tickets are anticipated to be received from the issuing box office, team , artist, or toher source. These primary issuing resources will not, in most cases, allow changes to delivery methods they have allowed. For this reason, we are unable to honor requests to change delivery methiod.

  • I lost the email that contained the link to doanload my e-tickets. Can you re-send?

    If you have lost your link to download tickets, we will gladly send you the link again. All you have to do is call or email one of our customer service representatives.

  • I ordered email tickets but do not have a printer. How do I proceed?

    If you do not have access to a printer a home, we reccommend reaching out to freinds and family members who can assist you in printing your e-tickets. For alternative printing services, use your local library, FeDex office, UPS, office supply store, or hotel near the venue. If you do this make sure that you have access to emailing your tickets or available on flash drive. Your tickets do not have to be printed in color to be admitted in your event.

  • What is "paperless delivery" and "paperless prepaid credit card"?

    "Paperless Delivery" means you must present the card used by the reseller to originally purchase the tickets from the venue or box office. There are two ways you have access to this card, the prepaid gift card will be shiped to you that was used in the original order or we can do what is called a "paperless walk in". "Papeless walk in" means that a representative will meet you at the venue and escort you into the venue. Once card is swiped, you will receive a small print ou twith your seat location from the ticket attendant.

  • What are "Flash Seats"? How do I set up an account? What if I already have an account?

    Flash Seats is a convenient and secure digital ticketing system that allows tickets to be transferred to new owners and presented electronically for paperless entry into your event. If tickets are Flash Seats, the seller will transfer the tickets to you using the email address you provided when you placed your order. If you don't have a Flash Seats account, the tickets will be waiting for you and will appear in your account once it is created. When your account is created, it will prompt you to enter either a credit/debit card or an I.D. No additional charges will be made to your card, but the card now becomes your entry into the event. In order to set up a Flash Seats account, you will need to go to, click "register" and register with the email address that you used to purchase tickets from Big Town Tickets. If you already have an account please be sure to use the email address and card that is attached to that account upon the purchase of your flash seats.

Cancellation Policy

  • Can I cancel an order I've already placed?

    Upon purchase all sales are final. As our Sales Terms and Conditions states, all sales are final. If you are no longer interested in attending the event or using the tickets you originally purchased, we welcome you to list your tickets on our website. To start that process please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-691-8696.

  • Will I get a refund if my event is rained out, postponed, or rescheduled?

    We are only able to refund for events that are officially cancelled by the venue, team or performer, not rescheduled.

  • Do I get a refund upon event cancellation?

    Upon an official cancellation you will receive a refund for your tickets. If we discover that your event has been officially cancelled or rescheduled, we will notify you as soon as possible with nexts steps on issuing you a refund.

  • What happens if I can no longer attend my event?

    If you are no longer able to use the tickets you originally purchased, we encourage you to resell them on our website. We will not be able to refund you based on our Sales Terms and conditions.

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